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কর্তৃক প্রযুক্তি সারাদিন

Projukti Saradin committed to share latest and updated technology news on real time. We collect news information from our primary sources. Some times we collect news from secondary sources like other local newspapers, national newspapers and international newspapers. We seriously maintain privacy policy and visitors/readers personal information when they are using on Tech News website. Personal Information that can be collected from visitors/readers with follow services:

  • Readers’/visitors’ commenting on a published news,
  • Social Media commenting or sharing on other websites,
  • The privacy policy will apply only when the website or official pages on social medias or contents which is generated by Projukti saradin.

Discloser of Information collected

Projukti Saradin never trade with visitors/readers personal information which Projukti Saradin collected from website or official social media pages. Visitors/readers can share their name, email and website address on commenting on Projukti saradin Site or on social media commenting or sharing on Projukti Saradin office business pages, BUT readers/visitors have to be liable to share those information, as those will be published publicly and can see people from all over the world. Though Projukti Saradin continuously moderate all users activities, so Projukti Saradin have the right to remove them or unpublished or report them. If visitors/readers will share any negative words or bad words through commenting on the website or social media official business pages and can hurt to another person Projukti Saradin will try to stop/moderate them BUT they will not take any liabilities if something damaged.

Use of cookies

Projukti Saradin does not collect any cookies based user/reader/visitor data, or does not store any cookies data of user/readers/visitors.

If a third-party associated/not associated with Projukti Saradin collects user cookies for the visiting of the Projukti Saradin website, Projukti Saradin does not control the use of these cookies.

Modification of Privacy Policy Projukti Saradin will have the all right to modify, delete, and add any terms in the privacy policy

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